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Combridge International produces a diverse range of Film, Advertising and marketing video and stills for clients, so we are always looking for new talent in all areas.

We are interested in hearing from Actor, Models and Crew members who may be interested in being considered to work with us on our various projects.

We accept submissions from people of all backgrounds, genders and ethnicities. The one thing we favor above everything else is Natural REAL people.

If you're interested to be considered to work with us and be part of some incredible projects
YOU MUST BE 18 or older to apply.

Email us with links to these 4 four things:

1. A CV outlining your experience. (Actors, Models & Crew)

2. A few photos or brief video of you, natural, show us your best stuff..(Actors & Models)

3. Email contact address to reach you. (Actors, Models & Crew)

4. A link to your social media (optional). (Actors, Models & Crew)

We get lots of applications, so make yours count!

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