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Internationally we have become more a leisure-based society
as technology has made it easier and easier to distribute product.

In today's digital world, there are many more financially LUCRATIVE release avenues available to producers
other than the traditional and somewhat "historical" theatrical and TV models of the past.

Unique Marketing Techniques

Combridge International has developed a range of UNIQUE Marketing techniques and strategies
that are ‘drip fed’ to the market, maintaining awareness and interest as a production rolls out.

This style of ‘PROOF OF CONCEPT' marketing begins in pre-production.
It is designed to greatly INCREASE a production's EXPOSURE as well as the ability to close territories and sales
prior to a film's completion.

This gives us good TRACTION with buyers after the film has wrapped
because we aren't entering the market from a dead start.

We have created a ground swell of interest and awareness that puts us in the ‘box seat’
to CAPITALISE on a film's potential earnings from day one.

Distribution & Marketing Key Components

  • Complete Campaign development & fulfilment

  • Delivery materials - design and production

  • Film Website concept, production & management

  • Direct contact with buyers

Combridge International, putting 'Business' back into 'Show Business'.


Murder on the Orient Express 1974
Can't Stop the Music
Star Wars 3 Revenge of the Sith
The Love Bug
The Man from Hong Kong
Picnic at Hanging Rock
The Land Time forgot
Whale Dreamers - John Lennon
Back From the Dead
The Shanahan Inspector Shanahan Mysteries
Sodom and Tomorrow
The View from the Top of the World

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